How do you pressure wash a house with mildew?

Mentally divide the surface into manageable sections and work on one section at a time. Spray the mixture in one section, let it sit for 30 seconds, and then rinse it off with a low-pressure spray. If mold or mildew doesn't go away easily, reinforce the solution and try again. As you might expect, you'll get different answers from different people.

Pressure washing is a popular solution for cleaning everything from houses and patios to terraces and siding. The pressure washer will easily remove layers of dirt and sand that have accumulated over time on your patio or terrace. Pressure washing on a ladder is not recommended, as it is easy to lose your balance and fall due to the force projected by the washing machine. Pressure washing a house is risky if you don't follow proper safety measures and can be very physically demanding.

However, for single-story homes, the steps below will guide you on how to pressure wash a home and increase its curb appeal. Some preparation work before starting pressure washing can improve the cleanliness of the target surface. The most delicate types of stucco, such as stucco with a bottle backdrop and stucco with a rock backsplash, should not be pressure washed. Depending on the exterior of your home, you may need to use a certain type of pressure washer so that the housing materials match the correct water pressure levels.

Pressure washing can be done every few years for general maintenance; it is also necessary to prepare the exterior of a house before painting it. Be sure to gather all the necessary materials before you start; take the time to protect plants, doors and windows; scrub the coating and then start pressure washing. Learn from these common pressure washing questions to be 100 percent ready to start work. Spraying too aggressively could damage the coating or paint.

In fact, pressure washing is not recommended for stucco with splashing bottles and rocks or for fiber cement coating, all of which could be damaged by the process. In addition to the common choice between gas or electric pressure washers, did you know that there are washing machines that use hot water and washing machines that use cold water? Which should you use for the specific task of eliminating mold and mildew? Both will really do the trick, but a hot water pressure washer will do the job better. If it's been a long time since you last pressure washed your house, you'll probably have to scrub a lot by hand and spend hours reaching high and low levels on a vertical surface. You may have assumed that pressure washing is a piece of cake, but as you've discovered, cleaning the outside of your home safely and effectively requires good technique and a good amount of effort.

On the other hand, professionals charge between 10 and 80 cents per square foot to pressure wash a home. There may not be a magic wand to instantly remove years of mold, soot, dirt and grime from outside the house, but pressure washing is the second best option. Learning how to pressure wash a home is an effective way to ensure that your home looks its best, especially if you want to prepare it for a new coat of paint.

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