Will power washing remove old stain from a deck?

The high-pressure spray from a pressure washer, also called a pressure washer, effectively wears down the surface layer of wood, removing the old finish, gray wood and stains all at once. It also removes dirt from between the decking boards, helping to prevent the growth of rot and fungus. Pressure washing removes all but the most durable finishes on the cover, but that's not all it removes. The high-pressure stream of water is effective against finishes because it is actually capable of removing the layer of wood to which the finish adheres.

Consequently, properly washing the terrace under pressure requires care. However, many people are tired of this option. They feel like it takes as much time and money as building a new deck. The truth is that pressure washing makes it much easier to peel the terrace than you might imagine.

Read on to learn how pressure washing can be the best way to remove old paint, wood stains, embedded dirt, and even mold and mildew from your deck. Then contact Geyser Equipment if you need help finding the right pressure washing equipment. Rinse the coating with clean water at very low pressure (approximately 500 psi) to remove any excess stripper or polish (pictured).

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