Does power washing cause mold?

In fact, you can cause irreversible damage if you don't have the right experience and knowledge about how to pressure wash a house. While it is possible to properly pressure wash the wood coating, you can also force water up and down the outer surface if the water pressure is too high. If water gets under the coating, it can damage insulation, electrical wiring and even stimulate mold growth. A high-power pressure wash could also damage the aluminum and vinyl coating, so learn the proper techniques first if you plan to use a pressure washer to clean the coating.

Any loose material, especially in old structures, will be removed by washing it under high temperature pressure. The Space Clean house washing service uses top-of-the-line gentle pressure equipment and safe cleaners to remove dirt, mold and debris from your coating. Holding a pressure washer rod too close to concrete and it can be etched; etched concrete generally cannot be repaired. In this way, pressure washing is more thorough, but it also means that it is more dangerous than the pressure washing process, which in itself already poses risks.

If you have questions or want professionals to handle your pressure washing needs, contact Mobile Magic today. The potential for damage to plants and lawns by pressure washing with bleach depends on the care provided beforehand and the amount of bleach diluted. Do not pressure wash any appliance that contains electricity, including those outside your home or in your yard. However, a professional roof wash usually lasts three years, but it's best to have a roof wash expert, such as Space Clean, check annually for dangerous outbreaks.

When pressure washing suitable surfaces, always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from dirt. Simply put, pressure washing uses a high-pressure water sprayer with the aid of a motorized air pump to clean dirt, mold, dust, mud, grime and other impurities from surfaces. Although designed to withstand a storm, pressure washing can cause water to enter cracks and crevices and cause damage and costly repairs. Although outdoor lighting can withstand rain and other weather elements, you shouldn't pressure wash these accessories.

Instead, wash windows the right way with these tried and true tips from window washing professionals. The extreme pressure involved means that it's easy to cause a lot of damage with pressure washing in a relatively short period of time if proper precautions aren't taken. Therefore, if you want to pressure wash entrances made of cobblestones or houses made of bricks, be sure to seek professional help.

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